• Professional Manufacturer

    As a professional manufacturer, Microem has been continuously putting continouse effort into innovation in manufacturing. From new technology changes in the supply chain to product and management, the innovation in manufacturing take many forms.

    We improve product design and quality, expand our product range, introduce new methods and reduce production costs.

  • Solder Board

    The Solder Board is an unique design of technique which greatly reduced the difficulties and costs of producing Waveguide Slot Array products.

    By using the Solder Board along with our self developed solder materials, we can make products with frequency up to 200GHz.

  • Vacuum Brazing

    Apart from the Solder Board and solder materials, Vacuum Brazing is also an important technology we applied in expanding our product ranges to W band Waveguide Slot Array, Water cooling plate and Water Cooling Cabinet.

    With the advantages of Vacuum Brazing, the unique Solder Board not only highly improved the precision and quality of our Waveguide products, but also greatly reduced the time and cost for manufacturing.

Brazing Products
  • Product name model1

    Product name model1

  • Product name model6

    Product name model6