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2019 IME Microwave Millimeter-wave THZ And Antenna Technology Event

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Update time : May, 29, 2021

Microwave, Millimeter Wave, THZ, Antenna, Chip And Packaging And Testing Industry Exhibitions

As an international event for microwave and antenna technology recognized by the industry, IME microwave and antenna technology will focus on radio frequency, microwave, millimeter wave, terahertz, antenna, test and measurement, connector/cable, chip design, packaging and testing, EDA simulation and its Technical conferences and exhibitions in the fields of 5G wireless communications, radar, electronic countermeasures, aerospace, etc.

Chengdu Zontek Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engineering solution service provider. Provide engineering implementation solutions for various types of complex antennas. Operating vacuum brazing, vacuum diffusion welding, welding aluminum alloy, copper alloy, etc. Mature process engineering solutions from low frequency to W-band, which can weld antennas or waveguide products of various frequency bands, brazing/diffusion welding cold plates, liquid-cooled chassis, etc.

Date: June 20-21, 2019

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